He’s Growing!

Our Little man is now 3.5 months old and while we were away on holidays his new custom nappy arrived from www.scarlettjayne.com.au and of course as soon as it was washed we had to test it out.  Along with everyone else in our family he certainly seems to like it!


Merry Christmas

No Doubt the next 10 days will fly like the wind so I’m getting in early. 

It has been a week since we’ve moved and while we have boxes EVERYWHERE we decided that we’d better put up the christmas tree.  I’m still trying to decide if I like the colour or sepia tones better.  We were also treated to a visit from one of my older brothers.  Look how big Miss B is now!  and then of course H found his lion’s face paint and with together with Uncle D managed to get some pretty decent strips.  H had a little accident last weekend… In true footballer style, kept his eyes on the ball and ran straight into a table :LOL:  I’m sure we’ll have plenty more of this next year.  

On another note, H starts school in 6 weeks :cry cry:  where has the time gone.

Stay safe over the holiday period and Merry Christmas to all of my blog readers 🙂img_4620web













































Septemeber saw us take a brief break from the real world and spend a week beachfront at the Gold Coast.

We all had a lovely time (though I managed to get the flu for the last half of it).  We enjoyed swimming, the beach, seafood, putt putt, Springbook national park, Kingscliffe (with great photographer and friend Dale Taylor – http://www.daletaylorphotography.wordpress.com)  and White water world.

Here’s a few snaps of our week away.  It was a hard life 😆

Hole in 1 by both of my *boys*


This is what happens when you ask H to smile 😆  (it’s like I’ll give you a smile but you aren’t going to get the photo you want if I shut my eyes) I love it! it makes me smile

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Auskick at the Gabba

How excited was our little guy when he was given the opportunity to play during the half time games at the Gabba during the Lion’s v Westcost game.  Here are a couple of pics from taken from the lower stands.


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Welcome to my new photography blog

This will be the new home for my photography.  I’m loving the ability to be able to share larger photos with you.  And since this is a photo blog, here’s one of my beautiful boy (sorry it’s an old one but I haven’t any recent ones on this computer at the moment).