Happy Australia Day (and Chinese New Year)

Wow, I can never remember this happening before… Chinese New Year and Australia Day falling on the same day…

Last night we went to our local chinese and H had a ball when the new year festivities started.  I wish I took my camera.  The excitement was so cute!

Today, our plans for Australia day went out the window as it was raining.  We’ve been stuck playing indoors most of the day.  H has been keeping us busy though but agree’d to a few photos for Nanna and Pa after he was dressed up in his Australian gear.





He is wearing is Aussie flag shorts from cult surfing but none of these show them off… oh well.


3 Responses to “Happy Australia Day (and Chinese New Year)”

  1. LK Says:

    What a coincidence hey that Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Australia Day! Love the last shot Andrea!

  2. Susan Roberts Says:

    These are so fun! Which day does school start for H?

  3. andreawo Says:

    Susan, I’ve just dropped H off for his first day 🙂 He was up early keen to go. I’ll post a photo up soon.

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