Yesterday morning while most of Brisbane was still asleep…. I joined Glen my photo buddy Kylie and Model Amanda for a shot Glen had arranged for Amanda’s Dally portfolio.  Unfortunately I missed taking photos at the shed and open field in the sweet sweet morning light and was too chicken to take them down on the weir, but I did get some in a little spot we found off the beaten track.  Here’s a peak of our location by the side of the track and a few of Amanda.  Oh and the chair is a lovely new addition of mine I picked up locally a few weeks ago 🙂



Kylie, Glen and Amanda hard at work 🙂


And some of the early proofs








4 Responses to “Amanda”

  1. kylieeatherphotography Says:

    Awesome shots Andrea. #4 and #7 are my favourites!

  2. LK Says:

    These are beautiful Andrea and yes, love the chair too!

  3. Susan Roberts Says:

    Gorgeous photos, love the first bw one. What a cool location

  4. Cathy Crawley Says:

    Just beautiful Andrea!

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