First Day of School

H was up nice and early today… all excited because it was his first day of school. 

Here’s a quick snap of him as he was about to go into class 🙂  1st-day-school-1web


Happy Australia Day (and Chinese New Year)

Wow, I can never remember this happening before… Chinese New Year and Australia Day falling on the same day…

Last night we went to our local chinese and H had a ball when the new year festivities started.  I wish I took my camera.  The excitement was so cute!

Today, our plans for Australia day went out the window as it was raining.  We’ve been stuck playing indoors most of the day.  H has been keeping us busy though but agree’d to a few photos for Nanna and Pa after he was dressed up in his Australian gear.





He is wearing is Aussie flag shorts from cult surfing but none of these show them off… oh well.


Yesterday morning while most of Brisbane was still asleep…. I joined Glen my photo buddy Kylie and Model Amanda for a shot Glen had arranged for Amanda’s Dally portfolio.  Unfortunately I missed taking photos at the shed and open field in the sweet sweet morning light and was too chicken to take them down on the weir, but I did get some in a little spot we found off the beaten track.  Here’s a peak of our location by the side of the track and a few of Amanda.  Oh and the chair is a lovely new addition of mine I picked up locally a few weeks ago 🙂



Kylie, Glen and Amanda hard at work 🙂


And some of the early proofs







3 Gorgeous Boys

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Z, A & J 🙂  3 stunning little men that are going to break many hearts in the years to come.  Baby J was the happiest little baby and had the cutest smile.    Enjoy your sneak peak R & P.  The gallery will be ready in the next 2 weeks 🙂


Another young Lion in the making


My new favourite… Little J had such a great chuckle 🙂  this picture makes me smile everytime I look at it 🙂


The big boys were such great sports 🙂


A sweet one for Mum


What little boy doesn’t like jumping on his bed…