2009 Projects

2009 is going to be a BIG year for me. I will be studying my master in accounting and sustainable business as well but feel I need to keep my creative juices flowing so I’ve planned two themed shoots for next year.

My first being with my favourite subjects….. kids!

Project 1
As part of the my CAC projects for next year, we have teamed up with Candice Collier at PRINCESS RATBAG (www.princessratbag.com) to do a really girly girl shoot of all her fabulous range of pettiskirts, pettidress, tops etc.

At this stage we have some wonderful young aspiring models on board but require a couple more in the age of 3 – 6. The shoot is scheduled for April/May and will be in the brisbane region. All arrangement are on a TF* (CD).

I am very excited to be shooting for this Brisbane Fashion Label and if we ever have a little girl I would love to have a wardrobe full of her wonderful clothes 🙂 🙂

Project 2
My second half of the year project is still in the planning stage but will involve recreating some famous fairytale scenes with some beautiful models that have agreed to come on board for the project.

More on this project later.

If any of you are interested in my projects, please feel free to drop me a message.


3 Responses to “2009 Projects”

  1. LK Says:

    Hey, I bought some pettiskirts from Princess Ratbag. Waiting for delivery.

  2. kylieeatherphotography Says:

    Hey Andrea you know I’ll be in. I might even try to find a princess or two.

  3. Susan Roberts Says:

    Wow they sound like very cool project. Look forward to seeing the results 🙂

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