Septemeber saw us take a brief break from the real world and spend a week beachfront at the Gold Coast.

We all had a lovely time (though I managed to get the flu for the last half of it).  We enjoyed swimming, the beach, seafood, putt putt, Springbook national park, Kingscliffe (with great photographer and friend Dale Taylor –  and White water world.

Here’s a few snaps of our week away.  It was a hard life 😆

Hole in 1 by both of my *boys*


This is what happens when you ask H to smile 😆  (it’s like I’ll give you a smile but you aren’t going to get the photo you want if I shut my eyes) I love it! it makes me smile

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2 Responses to “Holidays”

  1. Susan Roberts Says:

    Cetainly sounds like a wonderful holiday! How gorgeous are those sunsets!

  2. lifeblogger Says:

    Wow! You really good at photo!

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